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Summary:Develop and manage Slakey’s safety programs to ensure the safety of all Team Members.Work with all Branches and Departments to develop a comprehensive and proactive safety program for all Team Members.Duties and Responsibilities: 1.Safety Program Creation:a. Design and manage a comprehensive safety program for Slakey, which includes:•Catastrophic incident response plan.•Annual safety training program with all OSHA required training topics and any company specific training as necessary.•Incident response plan and investigation procedures.•Oversight of Branch and Department safety meetings and “special attention” program.•Mobile device policy and procedures.b. Utilize both internal and external resources along with a wide variety of methods in developing an appropriate safety program including:•Internal resources for developing effective SOPs and policies.•Outside professionals for training, review, and compliance with government rules and regulations.c. Ensure Slakey’s safety programs, facilities, machinery, etc. follows all state and federal safety requirements and seeks 3rd. party consultation, as necessary.d. Develop and manage a comprehensive safety training program for Team Members and Managers that supports Slakey’s safety initiatives.e. Develop and manage comprehensive safety accident investigation process and procedures.f. Actively seek out “best practices” for safety programs and work with Slakey’s Managers to implement progressive and enhanced safety practices throughout the company.2.Safety Program Implementation:a. Work with Operations Specialists to regularly visit branches and departments and perform a comprehensive safety walk-thru and review of required files/documents to ensure compliance with Slakey’s safety program.b. Actively review all reported safety incidents and proactively make recommendations for improved safety practices and training for all Slakey locations.c. Lead all Corporate Safety Committee meetings and be responsible for the facilitation and implementation of any Corporate Safety Committee assignments and/or projects.4.Safety Training and Development:a. Annually prepare and communicate Slakey’s safety training agenda and initiatives to the company.b. Work with Slakey Managers to ensure appropriate and effective safety training plans are developed and implemented.c. Regularly attend sales meetings, branch meetings, conference calls, etc. to provide safety training and support to Slakey Managers.d. Produce monthly newsletter with safety awareness information, monthly training topics, and incident results.e. Actively manage, track, and report Slakey Team Member completion of required safety training.f. Regularly assist and support Slakey’s Corporate Trainer with Slakey’s desired training indicatives.5.Safety Administration:a. Manage and maintain all Slakey safety program files and required records.b. Maintain a current knowledge of all safety related standards, rules, regulations, laws, etc.c. Maintain Slakey’s Safety policies and procedures and keep them all up to date and posted on genscoteam.com.d. Respond to Team Member questions on safety related topics.e. Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on Slakey’s safety program compliance and results.f. Work with Slakey Managers to respond to any government agency inquiry or inspection associated with safety.

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  • •High school diploma or GED required
  • •Requires 2-4 years of related experience
  • •Possesses excellent attention to detail
  • •Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • •Able to handle multiple activities
  • •Able to work alone and in teams
  • •Ability to maintain accurate and detailed records
  • •Analytical, reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • •Demonstrated ability to manage details and meet deadlines with 100% accuracy in a multi-task environment
  • •Customer service-oriented approach, respond to requests with a sense of urgency
  • •Proactive, self-motivated, able to recognize issues and resolve or escalate appropriately
  • •Strong decision-making abilities, understand impacts and implications of decisions
  • •Strong time management skills, ability to prioritize and follow through

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Our team members enjoy excellent wages and a comprehensive benefits package.
Benefits include health care coverage, LTD, 401k Profit Sharing Retirement plan, paid vacation, paid holidays and paid sick leave.
Come join our successful team!
Slakey is an equal opportunity employer.


  • May take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete
  • In order to expedite the process please prepare these items prior to starting the application
    • Past Employment information including list of job duties and contact info
    • List of 3 references with contact information
    • Education background information

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